A Letter to My Children – ABC Style

This post ο»Ώis my first time following a prompt from The Red Dress Club, which is a writer’s support site hosted by two of my favorite bloggers, Nichole and Cheryl.
This week’s prompt:
Your assignment is to write a short piece – fiction, non-fiction, poetry, whatevs – in which each sentence starts with a the next letter of the alphabet. Starting with “A.” So, yes, your finished product will consist of 26 sentences.

Dear Children

About the only thing you will ever know for sure about me is that I am your mom. Because when children see their mother, they usually only see that part of her that does the actual mothering stuff.

Cradle your newborn in your arms and from that moment forward your identity wraps itself around that little baby.

Diapering and feeding become the most important events in your day, mainly because they take place in rapid succession. Even being able to use the bathroom alone becomes a challenge. For months you are not just enamored with this little creature, but engulfed in the overwhelming details of life with a baby.

Going outside to get the mail while the baby is napping actually makes you feel like you’ve jumped bail. Heaven knows how giddy you become when your husband watches the baby so you can grocery shop on your own.

It’s insane.

Just fast-forward a few years, and you are still quite wrapped up in your identity as a mother to this creature, and perhaps to subsequent babies you have given birth to.

Kiss your identity goodbye for a while.

Lest you think that your mother doesn’t have a life besides you, think again. My life may not be filled with Hollywood premiers, book signings, and trips to Vegas, but it’s an awesome one all the same.

Never in my life would I have imagined that motherhood would be my favorite thing in life.

Only there is so much more that you can’t see. Probably can’t even imagine.

Quasi-mom stuff that I think about doing one day. Reaching my limits; taking some chances. See, parts of my life have only just begun.

Try and imagine that we are friends, and we’ve just met in one of your classes. Underneath the exterior of your mother, there is a fun-loving person who once was a young person like you.

Visualize it, if you can.

What would you think of me, if you could see that I am not only your mother, but someone who has other interests and desires, maybe places to travel?

Xian, maybe, or perhaps just a visit to Australia?

You think I am relegated to just being your mom?

Ziti pasta in a small village in Italy may be on my calendar one day.


  1. Alyson -- Common Sense, Dancing says:

    WOWOWOWOWOW! This is a great letter! If you hadn't pointed out the schematic, you probably would never notice it — so subtle and brilliant!

    This is the kind of thing that I should print out and put under my kids' pillows when the eye rolling begins….

  2. Just Plain Tired says:

    You did an awesome job with this assignment. It flowed naturally.

  3. Once again, you amaze me.

  4. BalancingMama (Julie) says:

    Wow! I am impressed.

  5. Sherri, I love it – you did AWESOME! It flowed, it didn't feel forced (and X and Z actually weren't cheesy!)

  6. I'm impressed! That's hard to do and if I didn't know that you were doing an A to Z thing, I wouldn't have figured it out. Plus, it was just a great letter!

  7. Lori @ In Pursuit of Martha Points says:

    Love it!

    After watching all my twitter friends struggle with X yesterday I am loving reading the posts and seeing who did what.



    And now I want Italian food for breakfast.

  8. Middle Aged Dreamer says:

    So talented. I am again, without words.

  9. Very fun letter! A lot of it definitely hits home for me – I have 17 month old twins and a 4 year old – all boys. A trip to Italy is not in my near future – only in my dreams.

  10. May I join you for ziti in Italy? Loved this take, Sherri!! So true and I think most of us moms can completely share these very same sentiments.


  11. Doreen McGettigan says:

    Amazing letter, I loved it and your style!
    I started very young and have 4 kids, 1 stepson and 11 grandkid's…a few of my closest friends have kids my grand children's ages which just amazes me..
    I am a new visitor and follower and now I will do the other stuff..liking etc…

  12. Sherri…you never cease to amaze me with your creativity.
    What I'd give for just one ounce of it!
    Beautifully done!
    So happy you linked up with us. πŸ™‚

  13. Yes! Well done, Sherri. You really did nail it. And it was late last night when you mentioned you might try this!? Wow.. So much talent my friend!

  14. Snuggle Wasteland says:

    This was wonderful! Congrats on finding something other than Xanax for x. πŸ™‚

  15. Yay! I love this! ABCs aren't noticeable one bit.

  16. Victoria KP says:


  17. Oh, you are one tricky fish.

    A tricky, tricky fish indeed.

  18. Mommy Needs a Vacation says:

    Wow!!! Love this! What a fabulous letter! You are so creative. I still talk about your Mini Van/Green Eggs and ham post!!!

  19. You didn't make me cry, this is a first!
    Yes the mini van post made me cry but for an entirely different reason.

    Parents are people? What a concept!
    Next you'll claim that teachers have lives outside of school….

  20. By Word of Mouth says:

    I just featured your Exit post – how did I miss Green Eggs and Ham … clearly just too much talent πŸ™‚

  21. By Word of Mouth says:

    btw pop over and check that out!

  22. The mad woman behind the blog says:

    Love this Sherri…and glad you didn't fall for the easy Xanadu.
    You are my idol as you often remind me with your writing.

    I'm gonna miss you tomorrow (had to get that little dig in!) I was going to show off my blogger meeting panties and everything!

  23. Beautifully done. Perfect flow. Great job! Do you kids read your blog?

  24. Fabulous post! I'm a mom of 6, and at 46 my youngest is only 3! ! Congrats on being the 1st to be featured on FFFF! I'm happy to be your newest follower.

    Would love for you to visit my blogs ~

    Also, Please say Hi on my Facebook wall. I'm doing nightly Shout Outs for my fans and I'd love to include you!

    Lisa xoxo

  25. Ziti! Love it!

    I am SO glad you decided to (finally) join us. I loved this letter to kids – and I SO remember the first time I went out to get the mail by myself. It totally was getting out on bail!

    Going to miss you horribly tomorrow…

  26. Wow..you did an amazing job. And..I loved the content. Alas, I think I am still far from my kids realizing that!!

  27. moveovermarypoppins.com says:

    It is one of my proudest claims, that I have known since my teens many of these truths about the woman my mother is.

    What a great use of the prompt!

  28. Ilana @mommyshorts says:

    Great post! I think our blogs will one day tell a much larger story to our children than what they see of us day to day. I just found out and completed the Red Dress Prompt today- so much fun!

  29. This is my first time linking up, too. You totally nailed it! I enjoyed reading this so much that I am following you now. :o)

  30. This is such a beautifully written letter–so meaningful. Yes, one day the goal is to have your children see the "real you" behind the mom identity. I'm not sure when that happens…maybe in their twenties?

  31. I marvel.

    Honestly, how hard was this? I think it would make me pull my hair out!

    But of COURSE the fabulous and wonderful Sherri pulls it off with ease!

  32. Joey @ Big Teeth and Clouds says:

    Nice job! Creative words for those tough letters too. Italy is on my list when I'm feeling brave enough for international travel.

  33. Booyah's Momma says:

    I tried doing this A-Z thing. And I nixed it at about D because it was so hard! But this just blew me away. You not only did it, but it was lovely and inspiring (as usual).

    And I've been to Xian. It's amazing. You will love it when you go! πŸ™‚

  34. That was awesome! You are so talented. You were able to make it flow so well. Loved it!

  35. Stephanie says:

    This really is fabulous. I really hope you'll link up with us again. I love the choices you made for X and Z. Zita is one of my favorites. To eat it in Italy? Ohh what a dream!

  36. Payson Cousin says:

    What a challenging assignment, and you pull it off flawlessly. I only just found you today through blogher, but I'm following you now! What fun! (I'm an old tweener, too, I guess!)

    Trish in AZ