Baby Love at the Shower

This past weekend, I had the chance to do something I haven’t done in a long time.

A very long time, actually.

I was invited to a baby shower.

The baby from the last shower I attended is just about to turn three years old. When you get closer to 50 than you are to 30, the baby shower invites seem to dry up.

Like my eggs, I guess.

Most women my age just aren’t making babies anymore.

But there’s just something about a baby shower, about a group of women gathering around a round-bellied goddess sharing stories and admiring tiny clothes. The stories flow like they happened just yesterday…memories of tiny newborns held to naked chests for the first time; of delicate fingers and toes counted not once, but probably three times; of worries and complications and questions answered in their own time.

There’s a certain magic in the air.

Then there’s that longing to be pregnant for just one day; to remember the awesomness of life growing inside your belly; that all-powerful feeling that the secrets-of-the-universe might quite possibly be known only to you.

And it doesn’t matter that I haven’t held a baby of my own for almost 13 years. I can still feel the ache in my arms, the sway in my hips, the exhaustion in my bones, the pride in what we created.

I’m so thankful for these memories, that I can pull them up on a whim and share them with other mothers.

Because that magical time, those early days and weeks, will eventually fade away to make room for time-out chairs, sticky couches, playground politics, back-talk, and puberty.

But for just one afternoon this week?

I sat for a few hours in a time warp, remembering my children only as babies.

And there was magic in the air.


I am honored to be a featured blogger over at Mamapedia today! I would love for you to stop over there for a moment and read my post What Connects Us, about how I feel connected in the universe of moms.


  1. How special! I marvel at tiny babies still (my youngest is 14 months), but I wretch at the idea of being pregnant again, as pregnancy was not kind to me! But to hold a tiny little one asleep in my arms again? Yes please. As long as I can give it back. 🙂

  2. Melinda says:

    I haven’t been to one in a long time. Last one was my own for my 3rd child 5 yrs ago. I think my friends wanted an excuse to buy baby stuff again. I’m surly the oldest person to have a shower – I was 38!

  3. Beautiful, magical and sadly, I really don’t remember the last baby shower that I attended – OMGosh, am I that old!!!

  4. Amanda says:

    Love this!

  5. I am done having babies. Four is enough. But whenever I go to showers or see friends with new babies I tell them my one piece of advice is to remember how it feels to hold that tiney baby in the crook of your arm. It goes away too fast.

  6. BIG FAT TEARS are rolling down my face. I’m in the grin and bear phase of this pregnancy and your post has pulled me up short and reminded me once again why I’m going through all this discomfort. Thank you.

    Sherri, your words are so beautiful. I am beyond honored to have gotten to share my day with you. (But these are never long enough are they?)

  7. Cheryl @ Mommypants says:

    Um…try being the oldest at your OWN baby shower.

    Actually, the host was older by two years. Otherwise, every.single.guest. was younger than me.

  8. I love me some baby bellies. I’ve been known to invite myself to baby showers just to rub the mountain of love. But, um, yah – now that I think about it, It’s been a while since someone actually asked me. #oldbag

  9. Oh it is magic.

    And I miss it.

    I sometimes still (crazy as it sounds) think….maybe…one more?

    Then I realize how tired and cranky I am these days already. And I sleep well.

    So no. I’ll have to be content to soak the magic up from others.

    And posts like this.

  10. This is so lovely and magical and true. Just like you! *Love!* XO

  11. Lovely post. You are so right, it’s magical and awesome to look back and remember. My youngest is nearly 13 as well, so long since I made a baby and held it in my arms.

  12. So lovely Sherri. I wish I could have been there. There is magic wherever babies are, whether in our arms or in our bellies.

    My arms ache too every now and then and I ask my 3 year old if I can hold her a little longer. Luckily, she likes to cuddle.


  13. This literally brought a tear to my eye. So very sweet – and my mother says the same thing, she misses the magic of a baby, of the power and beauty of pregnancy.

    It was so great seeing you at the shower, Sherri, and honestly? In my town, people START having babies at your age – so go for it! ha! 🙂

  14. I am 100% with Tarja.
    And this fall, you *will* have an empty room.
    Just sayin’.

    Lovely post, my friend, as always.

  15. Oh, yes…so so much magic.

    I was there with you. So far removed from that time that in my head was only a few yesterdays ago.

  16. GOD Sherri!!! NOW I might need to go get knocked up tonight! Beautiful post!

  17. You *almost* make me want to be pregnant again, Sherri! You are just THAT good! Darn you!

  18. Great post! I loved being pregnant! What an awesome experience. I miss that, but I really don’t miss my daughter as an infant. While it had its moments, I think she’s much more fun now! I’m going to check you out at Mamapedia! Way to go!

  19. A lovely post. I can’t remember the last baby shower I went to. Now I want to go to one pronto. Those memories are seared into our brains aren’t they. So lovely and soft, those chubby legs. And the tiredness to the bone. It all comes back so easily doesn’t it. Thanks for pricking a few memories for me. I just might have to go and pull out some pictures.

  20. Was this just to make me want one more? I have no more room in my shopping cart! Why do you do this to me, Sherri? 🙂
    Beautiful as always and love your new look, congrats on surviving the WP move.

  21. Awwwww… can’t wait to experience this for myself one day!

  22. Lovely, as always.

    Baby Love is a real thing! I have too as we round out two years. Shame I don’t know anyone having a baby anytime soon or showers to attend.

  23. I feel like I’m beginning to move out of that baby stage and I’m already nostaligic for it. You are right. Babies are magic.