Trend Setter


They aren’t just for the trendy.

If they were, someone like me wouldn’t have had experience with huge shoulder pads, leggings, high-waist jeans, stirrup pants, headbands, leg warmers, or Flashdance-inspired sweatshirts with the collars cut out.

Because I’m not trendy.

I’m the kind of old person who has to see a trend in action for at least six months before I start to think hey, I could do that.

Or most likely there’s no way in hell I’ll wear that.

It took months of coaxing by my way-younger sister-in-law for me to stop tucking in my shirts a few years back.

And now? People are tucking them in again, which confuses the heck out of me.

I fell in love with boot cut jeans because I actually wear boots a lot.

Enter the skinny jean craze.

I finally caved and bought one pair of skinny jeans that I tuck my boots into. That was a big trendy step for me.

What amazes me about fashion trends is that at the time you are wearing a trend you feel like you look awesome; possibly even timeless.

So why is it that twenty years later, when you see yourself in pictures, that you look ridiculous?

There’s nothing timeless about huge shoulder pads, spiral perms, or stirrup pants with flats.

So what am I doing right now that I’ll cringe about in ten years?

Could it be the $1 lipgloss in a shade called Watermelon that I’m addicted to?

The sweaters without sleeves that my hubs loathes?

The overwhelming amount of black clothing that I seem to rotate through each week?

It can’t be. Black goes with everything and it’s so slimming.


Whatever it is, I am apparently powerless to change it.

And I’m pretty sure boot cut jeans are making a comeback.

So apparently?

I’m timeless.


  1. I am like you. I have to step back and view the trend for a couple months before I do it. I’m eying the headbands with flowers right now. I just don’t know if I could pull it off.

  2. I’m so out of it that I have no idea of a trend when it’s happening!

  3. I just wear a lot of black everything so it looks sort of vague.

    Yes, I’m so fashionable like that. And timeless, just like you πŸ˜‰

  4. I am so far from trendy that it isn’t even funny. I don’t even read trendy magazines. I have fallen so far from fashionable, that I’d dare call myself “comfortable.”
    This coming from someone who rocked the spiral perm, stirrup pants, gigantic flash dance shirt and two pairs of very colorful matching socks, with the occasional fingerless lace gloves.
    I’ve fallen far.
    And it’s probably a good thing.

  5. Trends, I love them and hate them too…I also love boot cut jeans, I’m too “romanesque” for skinny jeans!!!! πŸ˜‰

    what a great post, I love things that make me “think” πŸ™‚

  6. Here’s my bestest trend advice evAH, from one stirrup wearing leggings girl to another:
    If you’re old enough to remember wearing it the first go ’round, you’re too old to be wearing it the second.


  7. Wait – boot cut jeans are out? I have some serious shopping to do when we move back to California…

  8. I am now looking at the outfit I have on cringing and hoping I can make it through the day without someone snapping a picture of me with their stupid smart phone.
    I don’t want this outfit to come back and haunt me!

  9. I’m always afraid that if I buy something trendy it’s going to go out of style and then I’ll have wasted my money. That’s why I haven’t bought a pair of Uggs. It’s now been, what, 10 years and they’re still in style. I’m certain that the minute I break down and buy them they’ll be totally gauche.

  10. Ooooh, the Flash Dance-inspired sweatshirts and the padded shoulders. I cringe when I remember that I was part of that. And that big, big, big hair…. Makes me shudder.

  11. I kind of like looking back at those pictures, though. It was a moment in time, you know?

    I own boot cut jeans and skinny jeans and regular jeans but I have to say I’ll never wear high-waisted jeans again, no matter what. Also, who tucks in their shirts? Next you’re going to tell me belts are back in, too!

    Wait – are they?

  12. I find myself hooked up to some trends. But never spend too much on them because I’m sure I’ll hate it in a matter of days. Currently? got the feathers in my hair ala Steven Tyler. No – not that bad – but they’re there and fun. And I can rip them out the second I’m sick of them. What I’m saying is I like the cheap, easy to remedy trends.

  13. I don’t get the ‘Skinny jeans’ thing.’

    I say that only because I lack the implied skininess required to wear them.

    If Maxi dresses are a trend then I’m on board… I LIVE in those things all summer. I am stockpiling them for when they are no longer a trend, as I will still be wearing them.

  14. You ARE timeless Sherri! And black is ALWAYS in. Wow, I can’t stop using all-caps.

    As for the 80’s, what can I say? They were filled with many regrettable choices. I blame Cyndi Lauper.

  15. It’s always scary trying new things. I keep thinking people are looking at me a judging LOL.

  16. You had me at spiral perm. Mine was in the 80s in Jersey, and therefore defied gravity. As for skinny jeans, my 22 month-old daughter is the only one in this house who can get away with them.

    I am bad with trends, so I just stay away until they are deemed mainstream — at which point I’m a year behind.

  17. It is a bit of a roller coaster ride — the ups and downs of fashion. But I love it nonetheless. I love skinny jeans with boots on the outside. And I’ll gladly go back to boot cut with boots on the inside. I buy only pieces I love and find that they come back around. Yes, I am old enough to say that “they come back around.” And I’m ok with that too!

  18. You my dear friend *are* timeless. Even in shoulder pads.

    Wait- did I just say that?!


  19. the great thing about skinny jeans and boots is that you can actually SEE the boots.

    that said (and this comes from someone who could loosely, somewhat, kind of, be considered trendy) it’s all pretty ridiculous at the end of the day. dressing for your body type is always the best way to go…AND the most timeless (she says as she stuffs her not-quite-skinny enough body into jeggings…)

  20. I’m so off-trend. If I do every pick up on one, I’m about a year behind. I’m what marketing types call ‘A Laggard.’

  21. I don’t bother with fashion. I can’t keep up either, it changes before I have time to get to the store (once every 2 yrs?).

  22. I’m always just a little step behind on trends. Or I miss them all together. Ooops. But I lived in my skinny jeans & boots this winter. It is incredibly practical for short people, because I no longer had to worry about my too-long pants dragging in the snow πŸ™‚

  23. Another similarity…I never jump on the trend bandwagon. There are so many styles that have passed by me that I never “enjoyed.”

    I do have a bit of an issue with the sweaters that are either sleeveless or have short sleeves. A sweater, by design, is meant for warmth and cold weather. Logically, it shouldn’t lack in sleeve-age.

  24. Timeless…. indeed.

    I’m always way far behind when it comes to trends too. Oh well.

  25. did Gigi just use the word gauche? god I love the vocabulary around here.

    also? you are SO timeless.

    me? ugg. no.

    i have fashion problems.