BlogHer Recap: Five Fabulous Fails

BlogHer11 in San Diego is over, people.

Which is why my family looks at me so sadly when I try and present a drink ticket for wine at dinner.

I haven’t even removed my badge yet. The grocery store clerk now refers to me as “@OldTweener”.

I find myself strategically placing my jammies and toothbrush near the bathroom door on the floor, so that when I sneak come into the room and it’s insanely too late dark I can find them and I won’t disturb my awesome roomies.

Hubs is not amused.

And after the glorious highs and excitement of it all; the wonderful basking-in-the-glow of post-BlogHer giddiness most people wrote an awesome recap post.

I’m cheating by linking to a few of them here. Don’t judge; I’m still tired.

If you want to see me as a beautiful, willowy stick figure drawn by my incredibly talented roomie Lori, go here. I look so hot as a stick figure, I may steal that picture for my new About Me page. Lori is already my friend in real life and we chatted so much on the plane home we neglected to notice a blogger sitting in the third seat in our row. My apologies to the very beautiful (and tolerant) Wife of a Dairyman, whose blog I am now following.

If you want to hear how I forced my wonderful and sweet friend Nichole not only to travel with me to San Diego but also to share her drink tickets, get me into the hottest parties, and swap swag, please go here. Nichole is one of my very favorite people already, so to spend days and days with her? Awesome. She even tolerated my insane amount of chatter and reminded me to sanitize my feet after we all danced barefoot. She’s awesome like that.

If you love videos (I know, I’m supposed to call it a vlog) go visit my other awesome roomie Galit, who not only put up with my noisy stealthy sneaking in, but I suspect she was the one who left the light on for me. She found a special place in my heart last week and I intend to keep her there.

And my third roomie (yes, there was bed-sharing) Kayleen wrote the best post I wish I’d read before we hopped on that plane bound for San Diego. She’s smart, that one. And wicked-funny, which I already knew. I felt so smart for snagging her as a roomie the exact moment that she purchased her ticket. Which is not at all creepy.

So my recap post? Not so fluffy and empowering; not very insightful or artistic. But here it is:

Five Fabulous BlogHer Fails

  1. I spent way too much time obsessing about the clothes I needed to look Bloggerish. And when we arrived that first day I did not want to spend time hanging things up on hangers and all that nonsense. So not only did I NOT wear everything I had obsessed over, but it all wound up in an incredible tangle by the second day. Time wasted I will never get back, although I did score a pretty cute Old Navy dress.
  2. I didn’t take any pictures. None. I took a small camera, and I even have a camera on my dumb phone. I just got so distracted by the people and the introductions and the wine incredible food that I forgot. Luckily I did insert myself into lots of other people’s pictures, but now I am on a world-wide-web scavenger hunt to find myself. I call it “Where’s Old Tweener?”
  3. All the awesome swag I collected was not properly packed. Randomly throwing crap swag into your suitcase at 6:30am the morning you leave is not the best approach. Just ask Gigi and Lori, who had the distinct pleasure of watching my super-special detailed search by the San Diego TSA man. He confiscated my bottle of POM juice, a cool wine opener, and a 5-oz package of tuna. Somewhere a TSA dude is having a picnic at my expense.
  4. I didn’t get to meet Rita Arens. This may sound totally stupid and a bit creepy (sorry, Rita) but she was kind-of like a goddess to me back when I had four posts syndicated over at BlogHer. It was like she summoned me up to the stars for a bit. And she blogs, just like one of us. Good stuff, too. I might have even offered her one of my coveted drink tickets (or one I stole from Nichole).
  5. I over-scheduled with the parties. Once the invites started coming in I was struggling to stay afloat, and just kept saying “Yes, yes!” like Meg Ryan in that diner scene. Some of the private parties were almost like long lines to collect swag bags, with a taxicab at the end to take us to our next destination. And all that swag? I gave the cool stuff to my daughter (OPI nail polish, etc…). I am still waiting for the proper moment to give the dog her Canine Plaque Blaster (I’m serious: it’s in the swag bag).

Now? Back to the reality of my life. Cooking, cleaning, taking care of the blog stuff.

Which means I can’t keep dancing on the coffee table after the kids go to bed and declaring it Sparklecorn.


  1. You? Are pure amazing.

    And my space in your heart? Permanent.

    Love you! XO

  2. As far as I’m concerned, I got THE roommates. Yes. THE roommates. No one scored on the roommate front as well as I did.

    And getting to watch you sitting in the “enhanced search” area of the San Diego airport was pretty priceless. I just WISH they’d let us take photographs.

  3. you are hilarious AND brilliant. I’m going to try to present a drink ticket at dinner tomorrow and hope for the best.

  4. If you declare it Sparklecorn, then it is Sparklecorn. Loved the recap and loved meeting you, however briefly.

  5. I have a several pics of you in my Flickr set:

    You aren’t alone in wanting to meet Rita, except that I did! She was the main reason I went to the Own Your Beauty session, and I was SO happy to talk to her for just a moment!

    And 3, I love you. When can we have coffee or something?

  6. Can I come over for the repeat Sparklecorn on your coffee table? I will bring wine!

    Love you tons Big Sis Sherri!

  7. Sounds like you had a great time!

  8. You sound like someone I should have met! Maybe BlogHer12, Baby!

  9. Loved meeting you, then meeting you, then meeting you… it did seem to we ran into each other around every bend – must hang in the same (awesome) circles. Next time, though, I want to get to sit down and have a long conversation with you, because that would be much more wonderful than a hundred hellos.

  10. Sounds AMAZING!!! Hopefully I will be at the next one to partake in all the craziness that is BlogHer.

  11. I never took my camera out either! I was too busy “living in the moment.” I’m really regretting that now!

    I had a calmer BlogHer experience though. I didn’t get invited to any private parties. The one outside event I was going to go to (seeing The Help), I ended up not doing so I could meet up with new friends for dinner.

    And of course, it was great to meet you!

  12. Thanks so much for the kind words and a pleasure to meet you also, if only when landing back in Oakland! I did NOT have any drink tickets left to bring home, therefore I hope my pillow drool on the plane ride home did not reach your {or Lori’s} shoulders:)
    I thoroughly enjoyed your re-cap!

  13. “Like Meg Ryan in that diner scene” – Snort!

    I would have loved to see you cut a run. Just saying.

  14. I love this post — from a BlogHer non attendee. Laughing so hard at the thought of the grocery store clerk call you @OldTweener and “Where’s Old Tweener?” You have a knack for laughing at yourself, but still making yourself sound completely lovable.

  15. Awesome stories. I so wish I could have gone. I’ll shoot for next year, but two years out, is more like my reality. My head would be spinning with all the activity and fun.

  16. I also overpacked. Next year 5 pairs of gym shorts and 5 tshirts.


    You looked great and I loved meeting you even though we didn’t really chat much…without booze.

    Also, you forgot me in your recap!!! Hahaha

  17. TheNextMartha says:

    It was SO great meeting you . Truly. I took next to no photos too. Sigh. Too many parties and too little time with the people I could have easily spent hours talking to. Like you.

  18. I love this recap. Love it! Makes me want to meet you even more now. But, just warning, I won’t be giving away any drink tickets. 😉

  19. Swag is so over rated!

    And so is BlogHer attire.

    Loved meeting you and can’t wait to spend more time together soon! xoxo

  20. There was OPI polish?!? More parties for me next time, table dancing too.
    I didn’t obsess about my clothes and froze my patootie off. I’ll obsess more next time.

  21. i may email you about a conference coming up, tell you its by invitation only … then pick you up at the airport and keep you at my house 😉

  22. I keep looking around for the waiters holding trays of hot apps & offering me a fresh glass of wine! I miss eating with people who must photograph every course before they eat it. I really,really loved being among 3,600 hundred women who truly do “get” whatever the hell it is that I’m doing.

    I’m sad that BlogHer11 is over … I miss you people something fierce!

    Great post, thank you for sharing your awesome with us!

  23. Seeing people, we know only from their avatars, was like Disneyland for grown ups, wasn’ it?

    So surreal.

    Glad you had a wonderful time!!

  24. You can too dance on your coffee table and call is Sparklecorn. (Why didn’t I think of that?)

    Meeting you was a distinct pleasure, and you always looked cool, comfortable and fabulous, so I figure you got it right!

  25. “Where’s Old Tweener?” ha ha ha!!!!! Love it! 😀

    I’m so glad I got to meet you, and in the line for wine, no less! You are so fun and funny and I hope we get to see each other again soon. 🙂

  26. Wait. You still have drink tickets?

  27. That sounds awesome. Glad you had fun.

  28. I didn’t take any pictures at blogher either. But I am now friends on facebook with some great people I met who tagged me. 🙂

  29. How have I not met you before? I still have drink tickets too. And I never seem to wear what I take to BlogHer … I wish I had met Wife of a Dairyman. She’s been a reader/commenter for a long time and I would have loved to have met her!

  30. Great stuff!!
    Sounds like you all had a fantastic time!

  31. Gina Cahill says:

    It sounds like you had a great time. I might try the drink ticket thing at home, too. Cheers to the bloggers!

  32. Oh, Sherri. I’m so glad you guys invited me into your circle to bunk up together. BlogHer honestly would not have been the same without my fabulous roomies, the four of us and our swag crammed into an obnoxiously small hotel room, and laying in bed listening to you and Lori whisper like teenagers in the early morning.

    I also loved meeting you in person.

    Thank you so much for being creepy. I mean that with all my heart.

  33. I didn’t use one drink ticket. Is that a fail?

    I’m so glad I finally met you IRL. You truly are so very lovely, despite swearing like a sailor when you’re drunk.

    Also, I’m glad I got pictures of us, even though I look constipated.

  34. What a great post! You are a wonderful writer. I am just getting started with blogging. This was my first conference. My hubby is deployed right now so I had the kids with me. Next year, I will be attending all by my lonesome and I’m sure I will have a total different experience. Now, I have goals of getting a few roomies and a sponsor to convince hubs the cost will be minimal and this momma can have a free weekend!

  35. I’m so jealous!

    I dream of being a BlogHer blogger some day.

    I feel like I need to achieve some blogging goals first.

    Glad you had a blast! What a great community of bloggers.

  36. One of my biggest regrets is not hanging out more with you, Sherri! So glad to hear you had a great time – it was pretty fab, I must say, even though I was so lame and didn’t party at all (I’m blaming pregnancy!).

  37. I am bummed I didn’t get to meet you, too! Next year?

  38. Thank you for allowing me to live vicariously!!
    I’d like to apply now for next year’s debacles…..

  39. I was bummed I didn’t get to go this year. But like a lot of people I waay overpacked. Next year I’m packing, then leaving half the bags at home. That should be just about right.

  40. Sounds like a great time Sherri! Hard to get back to reality after all the fun! 🙂

  41. It’s always hard to get back to life after a fun time, isn’t it? I don’t care so much about the parties and all that, but I would have loved to meet so many of my fellow bloggers.

  42. Love your recap! I agree – I scheduled way too many parties too, which was exhausting. Fun but

    I did manage to take pictures and I’m glad you at least smoothed your way into other people’s photos 🙂