Little Smiles

The blue and white balloon bouquet bobs up and down; a tiny giggle escaping her mouth each time they go up.

She can’t be more than two years old, dressed in what is probably her fanciest blue dress to match the balloons.

They stand in line behind me. She is holding her daddy’s hand on the right; balloons on the left.


Wow, you have some neat balloons! I say to her, as I bend down low.

They are for her new baby brother her dad tells me. He looks proud, relaxed, maybe a bit tired around the edges.

She just plays with the balloons and giggles.

I want to tell the dad to hug her now, while she’s full of giggles and has not a care in the world. To buy her balloons sometimes for no reason. To let her wear those party dresses to the store, the playground, or just around the house.

Because really, why do we save the dresses and the balloons for special times?

We adults sometimes impose the rules, when the kids know what is really fun.

Congratulations! You’re a big sister now! I say to her, as she smiles and bobs the balloons some more.

She just likes the balloons.

Like a little girl I remember from quite long ago.


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  1. Love this!

    While there are no party dresses here… we could probably use some balloons in our lives, just because.

  2. I’ll tell you why they can’t wear those party dresses every day, because they insist on NOT wearing their bib when they eat pasta, and sauce stains? Those don’t come out. And if it’s not sauce stains then it’s grass stains, and if it’s not grass stains it’s “oops I found the highlighter that was in mommy’s purse”….and now I bet your next post is going to be a lovely one about how permanent marker stains are the only things about childhood that is permanent. SOB.

  3. So lovely, Sherri.
    Yes, more balloons and party dresses all around.

  4. Ah, just beautiful! Makes me wistful for when my kids were that little…

  5. And this is why I let Abbey wear her Easter dresses whenever she wants (even the one from two years ago.) And she wants to, a lot. Sometimes her teacher makes notes about sending the kids in “play clothes,” because they might get dirty.

    I don’t care if they get dirty as long as she still gets excited about going to school ๐Ÿ™‚

  6. So many times I catch myself saying something like, don’t make that mess you’ll just have to clean it up. Well what the hell would be so wrong with that?!? Make a mess, wear the dresses.

  7. I don’t remember this time in my life…when I was the one who had a baby brother and wore a pretty dress and was excited.

    Although just recently my mom started telling me about it. She is not a story teller like you and I, so even the bits and pieces about how I was given a pink bike and slept on the floor of the nursery are like little pieces of gold to me.

    Oh Little Girl…brothers are such a blessing.

  8. Yes, please. More of that.

    Actually, balloons are a staple around our house. Mama has a weird fear of balloons, but the little dude likes them so much she puts up with it. ๐Ÿ™‚

  9. beautiful.
    and congratulations

  10. Sigh. What a beautiful moment for them and you. And, given that I’m 37 weeks, I might be a little teary at this one.