Table for Two

This is how we started out.

After I do’s were said, rice was thrown, gifts were opened, and a long white satin dress was cleaned and stored away.

In a small apartment with little to call our own, our table for two was sometimes the couch; an old wooden box we called a coffee table pulled close with two dinner plates on top.

We worked all week, we hung out together, ran errands, tried to exercise, watched TV, and just spent so much time together.

I can barely remember how that felt.

For about seven years, we just enjoyed being us.

Then we became a family. Life was never quite the same. The craziness and fun of new parenthood was so much better sharing it with someone I loved so much. I knew he would be such an amazing daddy and he was. Still is.

Seventeen years later, we sit more often at that table for two again.

Not the couch, but our massive dining-room table, made to seat a crowd.

Not just two.

Our son gone to college; his 13 year-old sister busy with soccer and BFF’s. This is what we hoped for, what we planned for, for all of those years in between. For our kids to be healthy, happy, busy, and doing what they wanted with their lives.

And they are.

And now when we are alone and the house is quiet, I am remembering so many reasons why I said yes all those years ago. Why it was so important to keep the you and I part right there with the mom and dad part.

Because eventually we are back at the table for two.

And I wouldn’t want to be sitting with anyone else.


  1. Such a good reminder to all those who are still in the trenches!!

  2. Sweet, lovely, and touching.

    I’d expect nothing less.


  3. What a lovely and important mantra to keep in mind as parents, to remember how to be “we two” and not just “all of us” so that in the end, the relationship is still vibrant. Congratulations on what is clearly a loving and wonderful marriage and family. Thanks for sharing!

  4. I’m at a point where I needed to read this, where I needed to know that someday the table will be for 2 again…and that the love I felt before our kids came is still there, just waiting for me to set a place for it.

    I LOVED THIS…thank you for writing it.

  5. I just love this. Every single word of it (except maybe for the part where it’s coming too quickly for me, but then again).

    We didn’t have seven years before kids. We had about seven days before I got pregnant (oops and also YAY!). So a part of me looks forward to a time when it will be “just us” – along with visits from the kids and the grand-kids. All in good time, of course…

    Thank goodness I lucked into picking the right man; because does anyone know at 25 what you will need in your forties? In your sixties?

    We can only guess at it and hope we’re right; we can only base our choices on what we have seen that we wish to emulate or reject in our own childhoods, between our own parents.

    One of my most-down-deep wishes is that my children are fortunate enough to find partners with whom they can share the table for two: before, during and after every stage of their lives.

    We’re doing our best to model what that’s like for them.

    So much love to you and your seatmate.
    And cheers to doing it right.


  6. Suck a great reminder. I am just eight years in…to the table for two and five years into the family table. I try to remember that it will come back to just me and him eventually but it’s easy to get derailed. Lovely post…thanks for sharing.

  7. My youngest is packing his things to move out even as I type this. It’s time; it’s past time, but I hate to see him go. Fortunately, I’m in love with my husband, and we enjoy spending time together. Still the happiest times are when both of my children are in the house interacting. I love to just sit back and watch them. This is an odd time of life, but I’m glad I’m going through it with my best friend.

  8. Sigh. I love this. And I love the reminder.
    Having you in my life is reminding me every day to appreciate TODAY, just as it is. Thank you.

  9. You are so very very lovely.

    And so is this.

  10. Beautiful.

  11. Lovely, Sherri…truly.
    Though my heart hurts at the thought of our children growing and leaving, I know that the love that Craig and I share is the foundation of our entire family and we’ll be okay as long as have each other.
    Just like you and Scott.
    Much love, beautiful friend.

  12. What a bittersweet moment. It’s cause for celebration and gratitude when you make it through and beyond the kids and still love to be seated at the table of life with your significant other.

  13. awwwww….I love this! I am still close enough to remember exactly how it felt just being just the two of us, and honestly? there are times when I miss it so much.

    But then a little blond, curly-headed boy runs in and tells me something random about mittens and firetrucks and I smile.

    And know that too soon it will be just the two of us again.

  14. OMG this gave me butterflies!
    My hubs and I talk about the future, when we have an empty nest, all the time. We talk about keeping our relationship strong through the child rearing because one day it will be just the two of us again.
    Great post

  15. We talk about this all the time, but it’s still bittersweet to read. I need to hold it close right now, though; we are at one of those weird not-connecting couple of days 🙁

  16. Sharon Greenthal says:

    The empty nest only gets better when you’re happily married- I have been so pleasantly surprised by this fact.

  17. What a wonderful post. I’m glad you two have each other. Enjoy this special time.

  18. This is when my parents started connecting a little too much. Have I ever mentioned my 18 year old little brother? (Loved this)

  19. I love this Sherri, it brought tears to my eyes. I can’t imagine that day, I know it will be bittersweet, but I know I will enjoy those quiet moments with my husband too.

  20. So sweet. This is sometimes hard to remember and something that I’m constantly telling myself…one day, it will just be us again.

  21. A perfect reminder Sherri. It seems like the last few years have been a whirlwind of kids for my husband and I and I hope we can always stay just as connected as you and your husband have.

  22. I was just telling my husband this weekend not to wish the time away, it’ll be just us again soon enough. And I’m pretty sure it will still be a happy table for two – just like yours.

    Gorgeous post.

  23. This is so great. We are in the middle part and often times our dinner conversations are shouted and missed and then before I know it we’re asleep. And repeat. I miss him. We are good at finding us time but not in the everyday parts of the life. I know we look forward to the quiet but dread it at the same time.

  24. We were just talking about this ‘phenomena’ the other day! Trying to decide how we will continue to be you and I in the midst of being mom & dad because it will happen to all of us!!

  25. All too fast, it just seems to be flying by and as much as i try to slow it all down …
    it speeds by!
    I am glad that I like my husband, yes, I love him and he is adorable, but I genuinely like him most days. And around me, not everyone feels that way … so count myself lucky – just like you xxx

  26. I’m still in the beginning of having the kids run around and we never really had the just the two of us times. I hope we still enjoy each other when we are old and gray.

  27. Sherri this is truly a beautiful post. It is so important to remember that foundation of just the two of us.


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