So Unfair

‘Twas ten days after Christmas, and all through my pad…

There were no cookies, no fruitcake, no fudge to be had.

The daughter had been wrestled from snug in her bed…

And returned to her classroom; what each teacher dreads.

With hubs in his sweatshirt, and I in my slippers…

We drank lots of coffee, but still weren’t quite chipper.

When from the teen’s bedroom there arose cell phone chatter…

We opened his door to see what was the matter.

“Let’s go bowling; then we’ll get lunch! Let’s see a movie, maybe a bunch!”

“To Starbucks! To McDonald’s! To the big downtown mall! Now drive away, drive away, drive away all!”

As restless college kids that before the end of winter breakΒ  sigh…

When they have to hang out with parents, without asking why…

So off to his adventures with his posse he flew…

With a wallet full of gift cards, and a wad of cash too.

And we heard him exclaim as he drove out of sight…

“I’ve got one more week of vacation, suckers! I’ll see you tonight!”


Got friends? Great, amazing girlfriends? Then you’ll understand my Moonfrye post today, That Kind of Friend. Would love to have you visit me over there today.

And bring a friend.



  1. I hope he did throw you a bone every now and again and spent some time with you! xo

  2. You know what you should do to him to exact revenge? Surprise visit on campus!

  3. This is the best Sherri. I mean not the best that he took off but I love the way you wrote it. I hope you have had some time with him over the break. I’m sure you’ve been soaking up the moments.

  4. I remember doing this to my parents.
    Now my daughter will one day do it to me.
    I’m going to build a cage.

  5. I hope he stuck around a little, since he now has more of a break while the rest of the world returns to real life. College schedules are awesome.

  6. I remember doing this to my parents and now the thought of my own kids doing it to me kills me. I hope you had some time with him over break!

  7. You….are a genius. Love it.

  8. Oh I SOOOO get this. Brilliant.

  9. Brilliant! Too funny

  10. Wait a minute.
    You’re out of fudge?

  11. Too cute! I love it, Sherri πŸ™‚

  12. Whoa. That was amazing. How’d you do that?

    Alls I can do is string words like super, tit and yay together. You word genius.

  13. You my friend are TOO CLEVER!!!! Love this!!!

  14. My future. Times three. πŸ˜‰

    LOVE this, you wrote it sweetly and funny, just like you do so well Sherri.


  15. seriously, is there anything you CAN’T do?
    too much talent for one, just too much πŸ˜‰

  16. stupid college kids and their extra long break.

    I am giving Cort the hairy eyeball for his extra week off from school too.

  17. Does he not read your blog?!?! That’s torture for his poor mother. πŸ˜‰

  18. I remember that feeling in college. And I can imagine your feelings now. Grab him when you can. Maybe physical restraints would be helpful?

    Love the poem.

  19. I remember doing this to my parents. Pay back, as they say is a ….

    Great poem.

  20. Very creative and touching, all at once. Thanks for making me laugh and mist up. πŸ™‚

  21. Oh Sherri, you make me laugh so hard. So well written and so very (unfairly) true!!

  22. Vanessa Cleric says:

    Awesome artistry with your words Sher, as always. Love reading all the renditions of the this poem!


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