Return to Sender

I was sure they had made a mistake.

That letterhead was so familiar; the school logo prominent on the front of the envelope.

Why would the high school would be sending my son a letter now, over six months after he graduated? Had he forgotten to return a library book? Left stinky shoes in his PE locker? Received an amazing award and neglected to pick it up?

I wasn’t prepared for the real reason the high school sent a letter… To the parents of…

The Class of 2016

It’s my daughter’s turn at being the high school kid. They are already beginning the registration process for next August.

It’s not like I wasn’t aware that she is heading to high school; I just wasn’t ready to think about it yet.

Denial, maybe?

I still remember being a high school girl, and they aren’t the easiest people to live with. Boys, drama, clothes, more drama, friends, trips to the mall, school dances, more boys, more drama. When you’re the teenage girl dishing it out to your family, it’s no big deal.

But now? I’ll be on the receiving end of it all.

And while I think I’m a pretty cool mom, chances are slim that she shares that feeling. My clothing choices, makeup, phrases, and mode of transportation are all about to come into question.

By a teenage girl.

A girl who used to think I was pretty, smart, and fun. Who I could make laugh just by making a silly face or tickling the bottom of her foot. Now she’s discovered that I can’t understand Geometry, I have wrinkles around my eyes, and tickling her feet is on the don’t you dare list.

My days are numbered, I’m afraid. If you have any tips on being cool, please advise.



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  1. Holy High School!

    I am right there with you taking deep breaths, registering my son for 9th grade next year.

    And yeah. My kids quiz me on a regular basis to see if I understand their text abbreviations and I invariably get excited only to be told I’m hopelessly uncool.

    “Mom – Do you even KNOW what GTG means?”

    “Yes! (Triumphant grin) It’s Good To Go….right?”

    (Eyes rolling) “Hello? It’s GOT To Go.”

    “Yes. That’s what I meant. Of course.”



    HIT. (Hang In There.)

  2. Ugh, I remember the drama. Which is better, oh wise one, a teenage boy or teenage girl? I really can’t compare.

  3. We will be going through this together Sherri. I can’t believe the transformation in my child within the last year and adding high school stress? Oh my.

  4. I don’t know, I was WAAAAY worse in middle school, so maybe you’re past the hard part already? Either way hang in there my friend.

  5. Just went through this tonight with middle child..the class of 16.

    Can’t believe it.

    We just finished setting up his schedule, then clicked it away online, and made it real.

    Hold my hand.

    I’m losing them like flies around here…

  6. I’m having a heck of a time dealing with my son in middle school right now. I’ll be getting that letter next year and that scares me to death.

  7. We are there and its been less bumpy than I thought. Some highs some lows. When you’re in the thick of it though, wow sleepless nights. But everything always seems to fall into place. Eldest is like her father, its Middlest that will put me in a straight jacket. Fortunately I have a few more years before I lose my marbles : )

  8. High school girls can be evil so keep her as close as she’ll let you. Be the annoying Mom that asks all the questions, has rules, sticks her ground, etc. Trust me. It’s much better than the alternative and she WILL appreciate it.

  9. My first couple of years of high school were lovely, I’m pretty sure. It was the last one that really knocked the socks off my parents.

    Wait, that’s not the most encouraging comment. The good thing…you can blog it and tweet it, and Pinterest non-embarrassing clothes πŸ˜‰

  10. I’m crossing my fingers that I’ll always know math better than my kids, but, if I have to deal with children as moody as I was, when I was in high school, I’m truly in a heap of trouble.

    It seems impossibly unfair, Sherri, that your kids continue to get older.

  11. The thought of my daughter in high school?

    Shivers. Full-body shakes. I fear she will bring drama to a new level.


    Don’t ask her what that means!


  12. Ack!!!! Hold on for a wild ride…all you can do is keep your cool and stay by her side even when she’s screaming for you to Just. Go. Away! You seem so balanced though, and that will make all the difference. Maybe stock up on good wine…you know, just in case? Also…you have me on call πŸ˜‰

  13. Loving moms are in, cool moms are out. Trust me!

  14. No tips at all on being cool, I’m afraid. Stock up on wine. And listen.

  15. I think I’ll have the same reaction one day! I know every mom says it, but it amazes me at how quickly the time passes.
    There may be the roller-coaster of teenage emotions to look forward to, but don’t panic…a lot of teenage girls still think their moms are pretty darn great! =)

  16. Batten down the hatches, rough seas ahead! Teenage girls are HORRIBLE, even the most wonderful, terrific ones in the world. I have 3: 14, 17, and 19…. and lived to talk about it. It’s not you, mama, it’s them. Try not to respond, and eventually they’ll apologize of the horror afflicted. It may take years, but worth it to see the women they become. DO NOT ENGAGE the beast directly, and learn to walk away. They will return, kinder, gentler, and sometimes apologetic. πŸ™‚

  17. It is funny how you find something when you need it. My oldest, my eight grader, my baby girl, is going through high school planning today. Just typing this makes the acid rise up into my throat.
    No real tips, although I have taken to pointing out to her all the ways I could be embarrassing her, but haven’t, yet.
    I have a feeling I will be a frequent visitor to your blog for commiseration and sanity prupose. -Ellen

  18. I’m going to read up on advice here, too–the teen years scare me, and my oldest is still only 9!

  19. Yikes! Tips on being cool . . . maybe start pulling your jeans up over your belly button and tuck your shirt in as tight as you can? πŸ˜‰ Kidding – wouldn’t she LOVE that???

  20. Oh teenage girls are the scariest. Sorry. I have no advice, I’m just along for the ride myself and, according to my 16 year old, know nothing. Maybe we can get discount group therapy??

  21. Oh, don’t mind me. I’m here looking for answers too.
    BTW, got anything for pre-schoolers with binky-separation issues?

  22. Yikes. At least, having been a teenage girl, you know a little bit of what to expect? Knowledge is half the battle, I suppose.

  23. High school… I loved high school, but it was so long ago and it has changed. A lot! I’m terrified of Lucas being in high school, but if you can do it, I know I can too. Hang in there, friend.

    Class of 2016. That just makes me feel old!