The Night they Listened

I am still filled with the magic of that night last May.

The evening of the Listen to Your Mother Show in San Francisco.

The night fourteen of us took the stage, opened our hearts, took a deep breath and spoke.

We told tales of our own mothers and tales of our own journey through motherhood. Woven together, our fourteen tales spoke volumes.

For in each mother there are stories…sad tears-in-your-eyes stories, stories that make you buckle over in laughter, stories you never thought you would tell.

Pieces of a life, etched firmly on the heart of a mom.

Here is mine.


  1. I watched it 4 times the past few days. Everytime I actually don’t “watch” I just listen..and your voice carries me, I love hearing it and knowing you this way. Your story, the way you told it, the feeling and emotion of that Departure were wonderful…and fantastic and awe inspiring..just like you are to me.

    WOW, Sherri, just…WOW.

  2. bravo. thx for being such a beautiful voice of the post breast-pad age.

  3. Gina Cahill says:

    awesome job!

  4. Oh Sherry . . . reading your words is always a wonderful gift, but hearing them is even better.

  5. What in the world??

    This went up and I missed it?

    Oh, S, you got it done.


    I’ve been watching the LTYM videos and can you believe the talent and love and desire of all these women to share what they know, what they’ve learned, what to say?

    AMAZING what Ann Imig has done: given us a voice, and in finding that voice, we find OURSELVES.

  6. Thank you Shari–for this beautiful post and for your story.

  7. I LOVE this. I adore you. So good. SO GOOD.

  8. I am so grateful that CA12 brought LTYM onto my radar. I knew about it beforehand, but hadn’t paid proper attention. I’m so in love with this concept now.

  9. So proud of you for doing this. xoxo