A Milestone Love

milestone loveThe restaurant is crowded, unusually so for a Tuesday night. The waitress lets the specials roll off her tongue as she does on any other night, and we pretend to listen even though we’ve all chosen our main courses already.

Table for four. While this happens with amazing regularity at home, we don’t often manage to sync our schedules and go out for dinner together. Old habits die hard, and I am usually just as happy making dinner and sharing it around our table.

But tonight is different.

My husband has a milestone birthday today. And while the other diners may think they are having a special meal with colleagues or friends, I feel as if there is a bubble around our table tonight.

A bubble that holds within its rounded edges the three people I hold the most dear in my heart.

A bottle of wine arrives, along with something tamer for the teens with bubbles and cherries. We raise our glasses in a toast to my husband and I catch his smile as he thanks us for spending this evening with him.

It’s magic… like all of the times I have seen this man smile, but deeper, almost. He’s in his happy place, with his family, and there is no place else he’d rather be right now.

I feel a lump form in my throat that I push aside. I don’t want to cry, don’t want to take away from his moment.

He wanted to be with us.

When people would ask, “Where are you going for the BIG birthday?” he never wavered, really. Offers of exotic beach vacations, ski lodges or weekends in Napa didn’t entice him. Sure, they all sound like fun… but he wanted more.

He wanted to be with us.

To start the second 50 years of his life with his family, to listen to our stories and laughter and bask in the glow of that kind of love that nobody else can give you.

And as I watched him raise his glass to us, to another 50 years, to our family I couldn’t help but be in awe of this man who has given me so very much. Family, unconditional love, laughter.

And he wanted to be with us.

Happy Birthday, babe… here’s to another 50.


  1. Beautiful post. Happy Birthday.

  2. Sounds like the perfect way to spend your 50th!

  3. Oh… your words.
    Always so perfect… so lovely… so filled with appreciation for life’s beautiful gifts.
    Happy birthday to the man who brings my best friend so much joy. xo

  4. Ruth Berghoff says:

    You are both wonderful examples of what a marriage and family should be…thank you for being a fantastic role model to all!
    Here’s to another 50…

    Hugs, Ruth

  5. This is beautiful Sherri, your posts always remind me that the future of my kids growing up will be just as full of magical moments as the days when they are young. Happy Birthday to your husband!

  6. This is beautiful, Sherri. What a lovely and almost magical way to spend a birthday. Happy 50th to your one true love and thank you for sharing this moment with all of us. xoxo

  7. So beautiful … I want to forward this to Ian.
    So he can see how it it should be … that his first 50 years built to this place and not to one he is now seeking.
    But I won’t.

    You are blessed and so is he.
    And the message you give through both your words and your actions will shape your children and guide them to good things.

    Love always. xxx

  8. Ohmyheart, how I love this. These are the bubbles I cherish, too. Happy (late) birthday to your guy! What a beautiful ode to him, and your stunning four! xo