Who writes this stuff?

Sherri Kuhn is a freelance writer, blogger and social media lurker. With a son in college and a daughter in high school, she always has something to write about. Sherri writes from the heart — with an occasional side of sarcasm and humor — trying to find the humor and meaning in everyday life. She writes about raising teenagers, the craziness of being a middle-aged woman, the perils of a clean home, wistfulness over babies, and anything else that makes her laugh (or cry) in these years between changing diapers and wearing them.

Her writing has been featured on SheKnows, AllParenting, Huffington Post, BlogHer, Erma Bombeck, Mamalode, The Washington Post — and here on her personal blog, Old Tweener. She was chosen as a cast member for the 2012 Listen to Your Mother show in San Francisco. Sherri lives in Northern California with her husband, teens and crazy yellow lab.

What is an “Old Tweener” anyway? When Sherri started this blog in February 2010, she was at a middle point in her life. Many of her friends had little kids, while hers were in middle and high school. And another set of friends had empty nests, leaving her to feel like a tween. Sherri started blogging as a way to sort out the feelings of watching her oldest child march through high school and towards college — and a life away from home.