50 Shades of Play

28 days of play 2015

They’re sprinkled all over the internet, in stock photos and pop-up ads. Those moms. The moms who actually play with their kids and smile and seem so incredibly good at mothering. Because playing is fun, right? When I pictured  myself as a mom, one of the things I was sure I would do all day […]

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My Biggest Parenting Secret

baby boy sitting

Wouldn’t motherhood be so much easier on everyone if we all shared our secrets? Those little pearls of wisdom that make us feel at least we have done one.thing.right today? Good news — I’ve decided to share one of my best go-to parenting tips. You can thank me later. One of the biggest challenges moms […]

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Looking Back, Looking Forward

man and woman hiking

It was the end of a long holiday break, and we were trying to squeeze those last few relaxing chunks of time from what had seemed an eternity on day one. The kids were busy, as they often are once they reach the age of driver’s licenses, jobs and “significant others” in their lives. With […]

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