Wash Cycle

I am finished with the laundry!

There are two ways to read that sentence…..are ALL of the clothes finally clean, or am I refusing to ever do laundry again?

I would love to do the latter, but can’t imagine the embarrassment (or smell) of having my family at school and work in clothes that are no longer fresh and wrinkle-free.

By some miracle, I managed to get almost every single article of dirty clothing in my house clean this past weekend.  Maybe not folded and back where they belong, but clean.  OK, this doesn’t count sheets and towels, but it’s somewhat of an accomplishment in my world.  If I can see the bottom of someone’s hamper, it’s almost like the light at the end of a tunnel.

Except this tunnel doesn’t end.

The problem with laundry is that it’s constant.  Even if every hamper in the house is completely empty, my family members are currently wearing clothes that will wind up in the hamper at the end of the day.  Then they will wear something to bed, get up the next morning, and put on another outfit to dirty.  There’s no end in sight, unless we move to a nudist colony.  Even then, I would assume there would be SOME clothing requirements.

I could teach them all to do their own laundry, but a control-freak like me doesn’t do well with delegating a task like this. Consequences for a slight error are too great. That brand new red t-shirt REALLY shouldn’t be washed with your white socks. Ever. Even if it saves time. Whites should be white, not gray, which is how they look washed with your blue jeans. Like my husband’s clothes looked all through college.

The kids would have given me a blank look last night if I told them NOT to put their clothes in their hampers.  The hampers were all still empty, and I was relishing the feeling of accomplishment.  But clothes that aren’t in the hamper are clothes on the floor, which I don’t enjoy either…..so the process started anew.

Maybe I will just buy everyone bigger hampers…..