For Better, For Worse

I got to thinking last week that if I were thrown back into the dating pool at this age, I would most likely just have to become a nun.  Do people do that in their 40’s?  Don’t get me wrong, I love my hubby and have about the same chance of getting a divorce that I have of being the next Sports Illustrated cover model.  But just trying to imagine how I would go about finding someone special at this point in my life is mind-boggling.

When I logged on to the computer this morning, there was a small ad in the lower corner that said “50+ Singles”.  My first thought was “Wow, they sure don’t offer you many possible matches”.  Then my coffee started kicking in and I realized that they were singles OVER THE AGE OF 50.  How much over?  Why do I need to be targeted with this ad?  I can imagine the profiles:

Bob Brown, a young 67, enjoys walks on the beach (slowly, I had a knee replacement), a glass of wine (only one, I am on heart meds), smoothies (I add fiber to mine), and daily naps.  Please call if you have given up all of your youth and are ready for boredom!

Where would I meet men?  Let’s see, I work at elementary schools where 99% of the staff are women.  I go to soccer games with the kids, and there are men there…..but these men are dads, which means they have kids.  That brings a whole new set of dating issues.  The grocery store is a hotbed of men, most of whom are from the nearby senior center.  The way they look at you when they are checking out the melons is creepy.  But younger men?  A bit younger wouldn’t matter at this stage, but throw more than 10 years between us and I would feel like I had to cut his dinner into small bites and ask him to tuck in his shirt.

So now I have one more reason to remain happily married….