New Year’s Resolutions for Moms

The end of the year always brings with it the baggage of the past year; painful remembrances of what really didn’t go well for us. These are usually resurrected in the form of resolutions of what not to do in the coming year.

Why do we do this to ourselves year after year?

There’s just something cathartic about starting anew, getting a 47th chance to succeed, and setting ourselves up for failure achieving our goals. A new diet, exercising every day, being more patient, or getting organized usually top the list. Great ideas, at least on paper.

But most of us aim too high with those resolutions, making them so far out of reach that we’ve failed by February January 2nd around noon.

Or sooner.

So this year I’ve created a list of totally attainable resolutions for the Modern-Day Mother. Feel free to print this out and stick in on your refrigerator next to the Pizza Town magnet and that picture of your nephew in his soccer uniform.

Top Ten Resolutions for Mom

  1. I resolve not to keep each and every painting/piece of artwork/book report/macaroni collage/ceramic ashtray created by my children. Contrary to popular mom folk lore, there isn’t a special place in heaven for me if I do.
  2. I resolve to banish the word thighs from my vocabulary unless it pertains to those from a chicken that have been marinated in some wonderful sauce.
  3. I resolve to smile at each of my children at least once a day. This serves the dual purpose of making them feel loved and making them wonder what I have up my sleeve. Or what they’ve been caught at. It’s a win-win.
  4. I resolve to stop wasting my time looking all over for the missing sock. A close-enough mate is good enough.
  5. I resolve to buy myself one candy treat each time I go to the grocery store, and hide it from the kids.
  6. I resolve to stop asking silly questions like, “Why are these socks still on the floor?” or “When were you planning on telling me about the science fair?” since I don’t really care about the answer.
  7. I resolve to start being more spontaneous. I plan to start this soon after the new year begins, or whenever I can schedule it in.
  8. I resolve to bite my lip when my kids aren’t asking for advice. I may have to bite quite hard.
  9. I resolve to start referring to myself by my name, and not as “Junior’s Mom”.
  10. I resolve to delegate more chores to the kids, who are more than capable of doing them and quite possibly might do a better job than I do.

What resolutions do you have this New Year?

You Know You’re a Mom When….

I’m linking up with Arizona Mamma’s You Know You’re a Mom When-sDaze!  again today…one of my favorite blog hops, you should check it out!

You know you’re a mom when:

  • You are proud that you taught your toddler to make his own bed, but secretly sneak in later to just fix it up a bit.  Boy toddler never catches on to this; girl toddler does the first time you try.  So you stop.
  • On a quiet afternoon with nothing on the calendar, you find yourself parked at the edge of town near a herd of cows….just because you thought it might be fun for your kid to see them.  It is.
  • You can name all of the Bionicle guys, their special powers, and what their battle weapon of choice is.  But you still can’t assemble them properly.
  • When purchasing back to school clothes for your youngest kids, you feel like the most important thing is that they can do the buttons/snaps/zippers allbythemselves….because you want them to succeed in this new challenge on their own.  Because you won’t always be there.

You Know You’re a Mom When…..

I had so much fun linking up to Arizona Mamma’s  You Know You’re a Mom When-sDaze! that I decided to do it again this week!

You know you’re a mom when…..

  • You are diligent about refusing to let the kids eat raw cookie dough (Raw eggs! Salmonella for sure!  You’ll thank me later, when you aren’t sick!), yet sneak spoonful after spoonful when they are out of the kitchen.
  • You can play Name that Stain with anyone in the family, and always win.
  • Other members of your household are amazed at your superpower-like ability to locate lost items without even getting up to look for them.
  • You can sort a bin of plastic dinosaurs by the era in which they lived, not because you were a science major in college, but because your son is obsessed with all things dino.
  • You can fumble through your purse and come up with a band-aid, a quarter for a gumball, a hair scrunchie, a coupon for juice boxes, or a matchbox car when needed.
  • Your kids have adorable clothing.  You haven’t bought anything for yourself to wear that didn’t come from Target in years.
  • Some of your best memories involve crawling, spit-up, loose teeth, broken bones, ice cream sundaes, and finger paint.  Maybe all in the same day.

I’m being sneaky and also linking to Word Up, YO! hosted by Natalie (Mommy of a Monster), Kristin (Taming Insanity) and Liz (a belle, a bean and a chicago dog) .  The word of the week is fumble.

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