Photoshop, anyone?

This past Christmas, my Aunt (who is in her early 60’s) posted a funny status update to her Facebook about whether or not it was ethical to photoshop her Christmas card picture….you know, soften the wrinkles, delete a few frown lines. Most of her friends responded along the lines of “Of course not!” and “Models do it, why not the rest of us?”. I didn’t think much else of it, until I was standing in front of my digital picture frame a few days ago. I was probably supposed to be doing laundry, cleaning toilets, organizing the pantry, writing thank you notes, or weeding (which is why I was caught zoning out in front of the digital picture frame).

Watching images of our lives in random order, I noticed a pattern. I looked pretty much the same for years, especially when my kids were young. No drastic changes in hairstyle (except for a few unfortunate “haircoloring at home” episodes), the same basic mom uniform of jeans and a sweater, the same smile.

And then it happened. Somewhere between the summer of 2007 and Christmas 2009, I aged. Not in a creepy fast-forward sort of way, but it just caught up with me. The furrow between my brows is deep, and no matter how much I relax my face it won’t go away. The skin under my eyes is all of a sudden looser and hanging, rather than taut. My skin tone resembles the color of old rice left on the counter too long….somewhat pale with a hint of yellow. The so-called “whites” of my eyes are not a shade found on the color wheel anywhere near white. I am not any thinner than I have been, yet my skin seems to cling to my skeleton like Saran-wrap on the Thanksgiving turkey carcass. When did this middle-aged woman take over my 25 year-old body, anyway?

So, although it may be unethical, tacky, or just plain self-serving, I am thinking that photoshop may have a place in my future. Lines and wrinkles, be gone! Gray roots? Color them in! Now, if only the wardrobe problem were as easy to solve….