Dirty Little Secrets

There is something I’ve been hiding from everyone for months now, and I realized this past week that it’s not something I can hide for very much longer.

It’s my feet.

Warm weather always arrives abruptly in California, catching us all by surprise sometime in March.  Not that I am complaining about this!  We have had an unusually wet, cold winter (which we needed) and I have welcomed these sunny days by wearing short sleeves and leaving my gloves at home.

But those cute sandals and open-toed shoes I shelved back around October will have to wait a bit longer.

I have never been one of those mani/pedi people. Friends who keep regular appointments year-round impress me.  We could meet any time of the year for dinner or drinks and they would show up with perfectly shaped and shaded nails peeking out of cute, strappy shoes.  I would show up in boots.  Once in a while, when the desire to wear the cute, strappy shoes takes over, I actually break down and paint my own toenails.  The last time I did this was Christmas morning, when I hastily decided that I HAD to wear the open-toed shoes. Remnants of the particularly strange orange/red shade I chose at the last minute that morning still remain on my toes several months later.

Does anyone really like feet, anyway?  They serve an incredibly useful purpose, I agree. But not many people have feet that would be considered beautiful.  My husband thinks that mine could be used to power a Flintstone’s car.  He’s not even impressed that, due to the way my toes curl under, I can pick up random objects like pencils and lip balms that have fallen on the floor.  Well, it has come in handy on occasion.

Once sandal season hits, you can’t even polish your nails until the feet themselves are moisturized, the nails nicely squared off, all rough spots smoothed away.  This is an easy thing for me to successfully avoid all fall and winter.  But now that warmer weather is here, I may need to scour those calluses, chip away at that old polish, pick a spring shade, and start showing off my cute sandals.

Sounds like a lot of work.  Maybe it’ll rain again this week…..