Where’s Lego Jimmy Hoffa Buried?

This week I finally started back at my elementary school job, which is quite possibly the best job in the world. I work with small groups of students on social skills and self-esteem. So I’m pretty much paid to hang with cool little kids, play games, and have fun. I get paid in both hugs and money; sometimes a handmade card or a piece of candy.

And sometimes, funny stuff happens.

Like the Great Lego Debacle.
Lego Retention Policy
Wee B. Stealin’ Elementary School
Effective: October 1, 2010
Objective: To effectively retain Lego men/women for future generations of Social Skills group participants.
Problem: Lego men and women have been disappearing from the Social Skills classroom at a rate somewhat higher than standards allow. We need to align ourselves with District Lego Standards (see appendix).
  • Lego men/women will be checked out to Social Skills students on an as-needed basis during free time. A monetary deposit will be required, which may involve the handing over of lunch money.
  • Need for said Lego person must be articulated in a three-paragraph essay, including proper citations and use of MLA format. If Social Skills Aide determines that the proposed use of said Lego person does not meet with current District Lego Standards the request will be denied.
  • A Lego person is defined as having a head, torso, legs, hair or hat, arms, and hands. Prior to checkout, student may exchange these parts to create a unique person. Social Skills Aide retains the right to refuse certain combinations of Lego people (i.e. Indiana Jones head on a Darth Vadar body) that are deemed just plain silly.
  • Various accessories for Lego people will be loaned out at the sole discretion of the Social Skills Aide. Bus Stop Lady probably doesn’t really need Indiana Jones’ bullwhip and Clone Troopers in baseball caps look odd.
  • Before returning to class, student will return complete Lego person to Social Skills Aide. If all limbs and appendages are present, the deposit will be returned to student. If not, aide retains the right to a home visit, where she may help herself to Legos from the personal collection of said student.

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